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Different Types of Headache

Scientists confirm that the most common diseases among young people is a headache diseases, which may leave them without warning or obvious reasons.

The doctors classified the causes of headaches due to organic causes for illness or injury to the membership and the reasons for non-organic.

The headaches (the pain of the head and face) of the most common medical symptoms, and I think it’s rare to find someone not suffering from a headache episode in one day.

It is known that the brain tissue itself does not contain receptors for pain, but occurs headaches from the affected nerve endings (pain receptors) located in the scalp, the muscles of the face and head, and the membrane lining the skull bones, and membrane dura mater surrounding the brain and spinal cord, and all the blood vessels, both within or outside the skull.

Causes of headaches

Were divided depending on the types of headaches causes into two
Headache the first (and occurs as a result of reasons that are unclear or unspecified).

It is exemplified by:

- Migraine
- Cluster headache
- Tension headaches

(In addition to many other types)

Secondary headache (occurs as a result of pre-defined reasons such as contagious or infection).

It is exemplified by:

- Headache caused by tumors
- Headaches caused by inflammation and infection
- Headaches caused by bleeding


For organic diseases that affect the body in general.

This remains the first headache of the most common causes of headaches, as it represents more than 90 percent.

Cases of headache

Types of headaches

International Headache Society classified headaches on the basis of criteria established in the classification.

Total to 13 included in its entirety for the 129-type headache groups mention of them here.

Only major

1 – Migraine

A headache periodically hits the half head and affects all ages, and there are tens of millions of people in the world complaining of migraine headaches. The heart may get headaches suddenly, without warning, or may be preceded by a herald signs of getting close to, was accompanied by a heart symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The causes of migraine are still not known precisely, but there are factors and conditions contribute to raise such high altitude, fatigue and hunger and psychological crises. For the prevention of this type should stay away from everything that could fit the sister, as well as stimulant drinks. The treatment are based on taking drugs analgesic, and sometimes may find it useful to put the injured packs of ice on the head, and sit in a dark room and types.

A) migraine symptoms unprecedented prognostic (Alora aura)
B) migraine symptoms unprecedented prognostic
C) bouts of prognostic Show only followed by the headache does not
D) migraine unprecedented long symptoms of a heart prognostic
E) migraine grassroots
F) migraine accompanied by paraplegic

2 – Tension Headaches

Here, the patient suffers from headache throughout the year include the head, or the patient may complain of pain of mild or moderate intensity encircling the head. The advantage of this type of headache by winning the day and night. The intensity and the stress is behind such a headache. The treatment begins with the first solution first, the psychological problems that raided the person, and useful description of some tranquilizers nerve to rein in the headaches.

3 – Cluster Headache and Migraine Headache Chronic Paroxysmal

Eetmisahma headaches and bouts of pain occurrence of severe head blow on one side of the head and repeated once every two days to 8 times a day and be associated with the characteristics of self-forth a side that in its pain.

4 – Headache associated with trauma or injury to the head.
5 – Headaches associated with disorders that affect blood vessels, such as high blood pressure.

One of the most popular types of headaches. The very high blood pressure leads to a complaint of pain encircling the head and be severe, but am afraid with the passage of daylight hours. And treatment are to control high blood pressure and return to the normal level by either diet or medication or both, but must be wary of taking any medication without consulting your doctor, and without making sure of high blood pressure.

6 - headaches associated with high or low pressure fluid surrounding the brain or inflammation in the tissues of the brain or the membranes surrounding it like this headache headaches resulting from high or low blood pressure.

7 - Headaches caused by the abuse of some drugs or stop taking certain medications after getting used to it
Such as headache, which affects the addicts who are slow or stop once and for all drugs or dosages that were drug users and is usually accompanied by withdrawal symptoms.

8 - Headache associated with infections and infections that affect the fabric of the body except the cerebrospinal

9 - Headaches associated with impaired metabolism, such as
Hunger headaches: headaches that could happen before the food, and the years surrounding the entire head, and often vibrant. And the reasons behind the hunger headache is the strict diet and eat huge quantities of sweets and overcome eating meals.

Headache from some food: There are food raises the headaches, such as cheese, chocolate and meat birds and some kinds of fish. The reason is attributable to these foods contain a substance tyramine, which has stimulant effect on the blood vessels. And prevention is eating a small amount of food on an empty stomach If you signed a headache after two to three hours to eat, then can put this kind of food in the food box is suspicious.

10 – Headache or facial pain associated with disorders of the components from abroad Kaladilat skull, eyes, nose and teeth.

Here the patient suffers from headache varies from patient and the head. The advantage of this to happen in the form of headaches, a sense of weight or pain increases with the passage of daylight hours. And causes of headaches here is Oalverosah bacterial infections of the eye or nose, as well as Alsididip infections of the teeth, and treatment is the appropriate use of drugs.

11 - Pain associated with nerve diseases, cerebrovascular
And as the mother Nnmes electrical Taatosea may follow one or more of the branches of these nerves and the pain episodes are short and lasts only for a few seconds.

The other 12 types of headaches are not accompanied by any harm to the body.

13 - Types are not classified until now

Medical history of headache patients

The medical history of a patient headache as the first gate and essential for diagnosis and treatment and must.

The patient’s headache to try to arrange a date, patients rated well with a slight note of any change.

Or large in the headaches that befalls him, for he can easily explain the history of the patients to the doctor if needed.

To that, it can determine the type of change that has occurred in bouts of headaches and go to the doctor to take medical advice. There are some questions which if answered by the patient, it may be that patients select the date and description of the type of headaches suffered by them, but he could not diagnose illness nor prescribe medication and he must consult a doctor.


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