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Valuing the community we live in and the environment has always been an integral part of Remington’s policy. Remington considers itself a part of the community and has always strived to make a difference for the betterment of the wider populace through not only providing quality medicines at affordable prices but also, by giving something back to the community. We have always made sure that our business operations are carried out in a manner that protection of the environment remains one of our top most priorities. Remington is moving towards becoming a carbon-neutral company by offsetting its carbon emissions through the deployment of renewable energies for power generation.

Community Support

Remington donates regularly to the NGOs and other foundations to help those who are in dire need so that they can become responsible citizens and equally contribute for the advancement of the country. The company continuously supports non-profit/ charitable organizations like Red Cross and Ameer Begum Welfare Trust (ABWT).

The Indian Ocean Tsunami struck in the year 2004 killing millions of people in areas including India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand. Remington stepped up for the support of all those affected by what was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history. The company worked with international organizations like the Red Cross to provide both financial aid and medical provisions to the aforementioned tsunami-struck areas.
  The year 2005, in a time of crisis when the whole country especially the Northern areas were jolted by strong quakes, being a responsible part of the community, Remington was among the first few to extend their full financial and emotional support to the quake-affected people. The company made unrelenting efforts at making medical provisions available to those affected and helped in the reconstruction of quake-torn houses.

We believe that education plays a vital role in better equipping the youth to make positive contributions to the society as a whole and bringing about development. One of Remington’s keys strengths have been its vast knowledge base and we are committed on empowering our younger generation with that knowledge and more and for that purpose, in the 90s the company helped establish Pakistan’s very first private pharmaceutical college in Lahore. The college aims at providing quality education and in departing invaluable knowledge to the budding youth of the country. Our senior management team also regularly gives seminars and conducts workshops at local public institutions.

We also promote healthy living and encourage people of all ages to engage in sports. Recently Remington held a Polo Tournament for this very purpose. Special training camps were held for younger people so that they make healthy activities a part of their routines from an early age. The team at Remington also actively participated in the tournament which served as an effective means for team-building. Remington has also sponsored a polo team on a number of occasions.


The world is witnessing increasing globalization with the global markets evolving continuously. Remington not only strives to adapt itself to the changing needs of the world but also, in upholding strong values that inculcate in the team an understanding of the need to protect the environment through clean and efficient means of manufacturing and production. We believe that through a cleaner environment we can better ensure a healthier tomorrow.

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