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Message from Remington Pharmaceuticals CEO
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I would like to thank everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved in supporting our efforts to make Remington’s name synonymous to trust and quality. It is with the untiring efforts of our Research & Development, Production, Quality Assurance, Material Management, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Human Resource and Corporate Finance teams, that we have achieved many valuable milestones in the short history of the Company.

Not only Remington, but the whole Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is at the crossroads to be counted or to be neglected in the global arena. At Remington we have committed all our energies towards making ourselves a recognized leader in the global pharmaceutical industry by providing quality medicines at an affordable price.

The new millennium represents the promise of a better future and the reality of rapid and unpredictable change. To excel, those who will manage, must combine logic with intuition and solid academic training with bold vision.


Dr. Khokhar is one of the leading figures in the pharmaceutical sector of the country. He has represented the industry on various national and international forums. He has been elected Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association (PPMA) twice and has been the President of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA), Punjab. He represented PPMA on the Registration and Licensing Boards, Ministry of Health - Pakistan.

He has been a member of various national policy making bodies, including the Committee for Monitoring Drugs Sector (CMDS), the Board of Governors of Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC), the Central Pharmacy Council, the Governing Council of Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). He has also been a member of the Pakistan Pharmacopoeia Committee, the National Formulary Committee, the Good Manufacturing Practice Award Committee and the Private Sector Advisory Council - constituted by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. On behalf of the Government of Pakistan and the Company, Dr. Khokhar has attended numerous conferences in North America, Europe and Asia.

Over his illustrious career, Dr. Khokhar has also contributed significantly in the education sector of Pakistan. He has been on the Board of Studies and the Board of Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Punjab. He was nominated a member of the Study Group on Pharmacy Education, by the Higher Education Commision (HEC), Pakistan. He was also instrumental in helping start the first ever private sector pharmacy institution in Pakistan.

Dr. Khokhar's contributions are not only limited to the corporate and the education sectors, but also stretch to the field of sports. He has been the President of Pakistan Gymnastic Federation (PGF) and has always strived to raise the profile of the sport in Pakistan. He has also participated in the activities of the Pakistan Olympic Association, the body which represents Pakistan on the International Olympic Association.

Alongwith his accomplishments in the corporate sector, Dr. Khokhar is recognised as one of the most eminent pharmacists in Pakistan. After completing his B.Pharmacy from the University of Punjab, he completed his MPhil in Pharmacy from the University of Wales. He pursued his doctorate at King's College London, where he joined the Research Group of Professor Arnold H. Beckett - an eminent scientist of world repute. His outstanding contributions during and after his Ph.D. were greatly appreciated by his co-researchers, he also authored several research papers in international journals.

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